• Downward-Facing Dog | Adho Mukha Svanasana
  • Tadasana | Mountain Pose
  • Reverse Namaste, Viparitakarani Mudra: Secret Prayer
  •  Vriksasana | Tree Pose


All my life I waited to find my niche—until I realized nothing happens from just sitting around! As soon as I started the doing: vibrantly pursuing my passions, following my bliss, and eating waaay too much guacamole, my life began to expand in extraordinary ways. I discovered movement medicine, received a profound mind-body-spirit awakening, and encountered a Soul Tribe who enjoys playing just as much as I do. Health, balance, and connection were no longer obscure and unfeasible concepts but achievable, fully-realized, and a part of my daily experience. And this view? It just keeps getting better. So jump in! Come explore. I can’t wait to meet you!




Love Notes from the Mat

Bhakti Fest 2019: Gutsy and Grounding

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Got a fever? (Don’t worry, that’s just the heat of the desert!) We’ve got a prescription…and it’s called more CONNECTION!   It’s been an unusual year…. unexpected, joyful, and relentlessly full-on. Life has truly... READ MORE

Abracadabra Authenticity

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“So yoga’s not your thing. Cool. What DO you love?” . . He’s gruff. Prickly. His demeanor as lackluster and muted as his fading blue-collar uniform. Our normal interaction consists of mere grunts... READ MORE

Destination Harmony

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“I’ve come here every weekend for the past 15 years.” . . We’re soaking in hot springs. Tucked away in a micro-pocket of paradise, basking in the bliss of our desert oasis. My... READ MORE

Soular Flare

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:: In case of EMERGENCE please contact this woman :: Send out your Soular flare  and I’ll be there ✨ For every hour of despair The moments that ache and feel so oh-so-alone For the... READ MORE