Bhakti Fest 2017: Feel the Bhav In Your Belly

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Got a fever? (Don’t worry, that’s just the heat of the desert!) We’ve got a prescription…and it’s called more CONNECTION!  

It’s been an unusual year…. unexpected, joyful, and relentlessly full-on. Life has truly been in session. Does anyone else feel like we collectively fast-tracked our double-Master’ing program at Life University? Lately the name of the game here at One Great Gut has been truly walking the walk and embarking on a path of radical healing, recovery, and transformation. And it is amidst these moments of acceleration and activation that we crave, more than anything, those tried and true systems and pathways for whole body/mind/spirit wellbeing and harmony.


That tingling in our tummy? We’re feeling the bhav in our belly! This weekend we can’t wait to attend Bhakti Fest 2017. It’s been an unusual year indeed…and this is one festival guaranteed to enliven your mind, nourish your body, and ignite your soul. Exactly my kind of unusual. Just our brand of extra-ordinary.


This weekend Bhakti Fest returns to the stunningly beautiful Joshua Tree Retreat Center in Joshua Tree, CA. Bhakti Fest is the preeminent sacred music and yoga festival dedicated to bringing spiritual and earthly empowerment. Headlining are some of world’s greatest teachers of spiritual knowledge, yoga, dance, and breathwork, while nonstop sacred music will be performed (participation and chanting encouraged!) Engage in guided mediations, immerse yourself in the healing sanctuary, or flow alongside global yogi attendees this September 6-11, in Joshua Tree, CA.


Ok, but really…what?
Get ready to be invigorated, energized, and revitalized by the buffet of offerings, including continuous Kirtan, yoga, guided meditation, wisdom workshops, fire ceremonies, massage and bodywork, energy work, intuitive readings and countless other healing and life-optimizing modalities. This event is totally kid-friendly as well with plenty of activities and entertainment for all ages (including a swimming pool on-site!) Also on the festival grounds is an eco-friendly village, holistic marketplace, and healthy vegetarian cuisine from incredible vendors and community partners. You’re guaranteed to plenty of OGG-approved nosh and nibbles.

Tell me more!

Music Medicine:
Bhakti Fest 2017 music lineup features Trevor Hall, Krishna Das, MC Yogi, and Kirtan rocskstars Kirtaniyas, DJ Drez & Marti Nikko, Saul David Raye, David Newman, Sean Johnson & the Wild Lotus Band, Govind Das & Radha, Gina Sala, Karnamrita, Brenda McMorrow, Gandharvas Kirtan, Girish, Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe, Sri Kirtan, and Pranja Vieira,and many more. Find the entire Kirtan line-up at


Movement Medicine:
Yoga offerings (and celebrating our one-of-a-kind Indian Summer in Joshua Tree could not be a lovelier time to practice outdoors!) will be led by Shiva Rea, Sianna Sherman, Saul David Raye, Yogi Cameron, Mark Whitwell, Kia Miller, Tim Miller, Jennica Mills, Bhava Ram & Laura Plumb, Missy Balsam, Jessica Winderl, Erica Burkhalter and Kristin Olson, among others. All levels welcome, all hearts open. Check out the full yoga lineup at


Mind Medicine:
Workshops at Bhakti Fest 2017 will address topics ranging from Ayurveda to tantric energy, breathwork, Sanskrit, conscious relationships, women’s sexuality and dance. Prepare for heart-infused knowledge from Swami Chitanand, Murti scholar Manoj Chalam, Dr. Amrit Raj, breathwork phenomenon Michael Brian Baker, and an exclusive interview with Bhakti Fest elder, and spiritual icon, Ram Dass. Catch all the evolutionary opportunities at:


Not convinced?
Mother knows best…Choose to commune with Mother Nature, whether in a tent/RV/yurt/or local hotel, there’s nothing quite like savasana beneath the stars or a sunset sound healing.
And really, Mother does know best. Don’t forget to wear your SPF’s as you prepare to meet your new BFF’s!

Fellow gastronauts, come dive in! We promise, this weekend when you hear “IBS” the only thing you’ll be thinking of is: Intentional. Blissful. BHAKTI.

Pssst! All food on site is vegetarian and, trust-me, absolutely delicious! There is something for everyone—including those health warriors with food sensitivities, allergies, and pre-cautionary considerations.


When: Sept 6-11, 2017
Where: Joshua Tree Retreat Center, 59700 29 Palms Highway, Joshua Tree CA

Joy beams and good juju!

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