11:11 Good Things A Comin’

11:11 Good Things A Comin’

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I’m a big believer in signs. Call it what you will: a “Divine Rod, Life Compass, Cosmic Weathervane… I suppose it’s reassuring to sight and chart their presence in life, keeping an ever-present pulse on the magical and mundane. Even if it’s just made-up, putting meaning behind the matter, makes it, well matter.


I’ve always paid attention to the little things – from stars seen in dreams to actual shooting stars and Northern Lights, from the twitches of déjà vu to found lucky pennies (and there’s a great story there.) Synchronicity might as well be my surname. And I’m pretty sure I’ve got a psychic party line on perennial speed dial. Awake or asleep, just think, meditate, or call my name and my spidey senses are activated. Expect an imminent phone call.


So it came as no surprise when I began seeing the number 11 two weeks ago. I’m sure many of us are aware of the 11:11 phenomenon, or maybe it seems as though every time you glance at a clock it’s exactly 11 minutes past the hour? Aside from providing a lovely opportunity to make a wish, 11:11 has significant numerological meaning, and I’ve always liked to bookmark it as a gentle reminder to re-presence myself in gratitude.


But beyond the specific 11:11 wish-and-kiss (pro-tip: kisses make wishes come true faster!) 11’s for me have always been Angel Shorthand for big changes on the way. An affirmation that a phase or cycle has come to completion (phew!) and good things are a comin’!


This week I’ve been swimming in a sea of elevens. License plates. House addresses. Order totals. You get the idea. But I then realized I had *made* the request. Universe, I am ready for the next! I was not just pedestrian or passerby of some random hailstorm of 11’s. In fact, I have been actively experiencing some big transitions and asserting some bold, ballsy declarations.


They say we create our world. From my experience in intentional architecture, the best I can make for any blueprint in blissology is this: Start from desire. Build out of inspiration. Follow through with motivation. Appreciate in perspective. Any signage and skyscape will serve to reinforce and embellish. Flourish at will. The key being your will.


As is your desire, so is your will.

As is your will, so is your deed.

As is your deed, so is your destiny.

—The Upanishads


As a self-proclaimed dream-maker and destiny-shaker, I’m cultivating and chasing some heart-bursting intentions. Cut to this 11 business and I’ve realized each eleven is a happy hand-squeeze from the Divine.


The visual outline itself carries a message. 11. Two lines, side-by-side. We’re in a parallel space. Aligned as a line next-to-line. Two lines = the borders of your road straight ahead. Keep at it. Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning – we know you’ve already got a thing for stars…

11. It’s almost like two exclamations points. !!


Good things they are a comin’.

Want to hear more about making magic?  Come join me for some yoga and post-flow elevensies!

I’ve already got the inspiration and (tea kettle) boiling!




Joy beams and good juju!

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