Awaken to your highest potential

Joyfully reclaim optimal health, balance, and connection as you powerfully embrace you: fully-realized and wildly liberated. It’s NOW o’clock. Are you ready to presence yourself to the present?

Maelyn is a compassionate, gentle, and intuitive healer. Trained in the healing modalities of Reiki, The Reconnection, and The Awakening Process, she powerfully stands as a guide, space-holder, conduit, and advocate for you and your journey. Maelyn uses an array of holistic techniques to help facilitate wellness, transformation, and authenticity to summon a self-remembrance of your deepest and highest Inner Wisdom.

Intuitive Awakening Healings facilitate injury recovery and rehabilitation, promote deep relaxation, support renewal and balance. Each Energetic Session provides a safe, non-judgmental platforms for significant breakthroughs and connection.

Sessions are available in a wide array of contexts (location-centric or distance-healing), flexible formats, and varying durations.  A dialogue of how that looks and what your healing might feel like is available before, during, and after your experience.

To discuss scheduling an Energy Session and awaken to your highest potential, connect with Maelyn today.