Field Notes & Observations, Part 1: Burning Man or Bust!

Field Notes & Observations, Part 1: Burning Man or Bust!

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In which, it begins. I’M GOING TO BURNING MAN!

So…you’re kind of like….mystical.

This first date was not going well…


…for him.


Across the table, I was having a grand time. Live music. Great food. A fun companion – until we’d hit a conversational hiccup. Our relational rapport began to sputter. …Sort of. As I said, I was having a grand time and remained unfazed. My TDH date (tall, dark, and handsome) however, was quickly realizing something about the PBB (petite, brunette bombshell) sitting in front of him. I did not fit his mold, vision, or ideal.




For the last two hours our conversation looked like this:


Him: Business & For-Gain profits
Me: Abundance & For-Benefit impact


Him: Religion

Me: Spirituality


Him: Athletics
Me: Yoga


Him: Health and Injury
Me: Reiki, Energy Work, Eastern Medicine


I think the straw that broke the camel’s back came when I talked about my reflexologist or my most recent meet-cute of synchonicity and intuition. Despite having met in a church congregation and seemingly sharing similar value systems, we were very much apples and ayuhasca. (Just kidding!)


Cut to one week later: another friend described me as “mystical.” Just one day later, a newer acquaintance commented on my “mystical-like” personality. Essentially each looking for a kind and diplomatic way just to say, this girl is WOO-WOO, WEIRD, OUT-THERE.


I don’t blame them. In a community of conservative peers I was the oddball talking to trees, performing Persian clearing rituals, and (gasp!) meditating.


Fast forward 7’ish years. Today. Things have gotten even better. Sparkly. Sassy. Silly. And so much more magical.


A level of magic I can’t even begin to forecast or fathom when, just a few short days from now I’ll be on the playa at Burning Man. My first year ever. I. Can’t. Wait. Already the experience of how the pieces came together to even make this possible have been Hogwarts-worthy epic.


More stories. Mayhem. Magic. and Mystical Rumblings to reveal.


PS. It should perhaps come as no surprise that my first year on the playa I’d land no where other than Camp Mystic :) It already feels like I’m headed hOMe! )*(


Headed to the burn? Come say hi! I’ll be at 2 & E.


Favorite tips, desert savvy, veteran advice? Please share!


Anything I can take to the Temple for you? PM me, I’d be honored to hold space for you <3


Joy beams and good juju!

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