Driving in the Karma-pool Lane: Adventures in Car Dancing

Driving in the Karma-pool Lane: Adventures in Car Dancing

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Confession? I enjoy traffic and red lights. Ok. Not always. Not when I’m running behind. And not when said traffic reflects a snafu or collision. But I do love these pauses for the opportunity to connect with my fellow journeymen and destination-seekers. I used to be really vehicularlly insular and avoid eye contact at all costs. Even doing that awkward car spacing so I didn’t exactly line up with the lane and cars beside me (admit it you’ve done it too!)


Happily I’ve shifted my sanctimonious preservation of the aluminum bubble to an all-out unlocked and open window policy. Translated to: Car Dancing.


And the quickest route to bypassing any roadblock to car connection? Groove, move, and lip sync (or belt!) like a dancing fool. Really, the bigger and sillier the better.


Belt up and belt it out!


Today after teaching yoga I was invited into some morning commute traffic. This congestion was pretty unusual so the 7am grump was on point. Game on! (Although it should be noted, if I’m not chanting or podcasting, I’m dancing every time I drive.) Today’s theme was the Highway High-5 .


My point A to point B was a blast. I got fist pumps, grins, stares of confusion, points, aaaand air-fives. Also, worked out some great car-eography.


The rules for Highway High-5? Put on your danciest tunes, bust out your best moves (air banding optional), and do your thang. Spread as many smiles and grab as many high-5’s as your route will allow. And don’t be greedy, share the mic Britney.


Stay safe, have fun, and headlight-shine out that car karma!


What are YOUR bounciest, toe-tapping, boom-boom, sing-along’ing songs?

Joy beams and good juju!

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