International Day of Yoga

International Day of Yoga

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It’s International Day of Yoga. But today I didn’t do very much “yoga”.

I woke up and wanted chips for breakfast…then feasted on grapefruit and follow-throughs – food as medicine, my body as my temple.

I forgave the driver who cut me off, and shared a smile when we stopped side-by-side at the next red light.

I forgave myself when I fell short. Took too long. Made an error. Got reactive. I even mismatched mixed prints and laughed at my own cheesy dad jokes.

Come midday as my body pleaded for a nap and break, “C’mon let’s hit the sheets!” I laced up my running shoes and instead hit the streets.

I got in another round of my favorite game: Doorstep Santa, and left a surprise care package for soul family. My afternoon was shared with another dear soul friend.

When my phone rang with the kind of news that stops you in your tracks, I slowed to pause and reminded myself to breathe, baby, breathe.

I cried in public.
I said thank you’s.
Nice to meet you’s
I really appreciate you’s.
I Love You’s.

There was delight and discovery. Creation and collaboration. Periodic discouragement. Chronic fatigue. EVERlution. Sunshine. Farmers market produce. Bedtime stories.

As I sit here now I’m overwhelmed with a sense of celebration.Not because of some momentous occasion or grandiose achievement but because I finally got my 21 month old nephew to sleep. Hours of tears: we sang, rocked, read, and rubbed his back until at long last slumber arrived. Dreamland has never looked so sweet.

It’s International Day of Yoga. But today I didn’t do very much “yoga.” I was too busy working on this whole Life thing. Like smiling at strangers and breathing though the rain and hailstorms. Keeping my cool and sharing the love. Holding space and breaking through. Opening my heart and letting go. Dancing to this day in harmony. Singing this night to softness.

Today my mat, my yoga, was much bigger than a studio or even just one body could contain. And tomorrow? I think I’ll start it all over again.

BIG breath in…

Joy beams and good juju!

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