Every once in a while you come across a truly special person, who radiates positivity and inspires others to be a better version of who they are. I feel lucky to have met Maelyn, she has made an impact on my life.  As a yoga instructor she is eloquent with her word choice and almost poetic when explaining the various yoga postures. Off the mat she connects on a human level with love and empathy —Jeannine Sanchez

Petite but powerful, Maelyn’s passion for yoga is infectious. Maelyn brings a grounded and bright energy to her classes, weaving a vibrant and graceful intensity infused with compassion. Known for her unparalleled languaging and unique blending of metaphor and direction, she curates an intuitive journey into transformation and alignment. Born and bred in San Diego, Maelyn has spent the last decade studying yoga and energetic healing modalities and now teaches Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, and Hatha-based yoga classes.

Maelyn integrates more than 20 years of study in movement, vocal and breathwork with her training and certification in yoga to create a multidimensional experience. After receiving her 200-hour Yoga Teaching Certification, she continued her education with additional programs, workshops, and teacher immersions at CorePower Yoga and Yoga Six Studios. Drawing upon her rich background as a performing artist and director, Maelyn celebrates the human spirits fundamental desires for balance, creation, and connection. She seeks to awaken and catalyze a joy-filled journey of play and expansion - applauding the unique strengths of each student.

Trained professionally to facilitate and lead feedback immersions to clientele ranging from nurses and doctors to lawyers and burgeoning actors, Maelyn guides a skillful exploration of the body, mind, and breath encouraging an anatomically-aware and empowered yoga practice. She firmly believes yoga is for every body, yoga benefits all levels: if you can breathe, if you can laugh, you can benefit from yoga.

Maelyn holds degrees in Theatre Arts—Directing and Communications. She is the founder of Pop-up Yoga Productions, the former Artistic Director of Carlsbad Playreaders, a San Diego-based theatre company, and is a playwright. An advocate for health and well-being, Maelyn also facilitates Goddess Gatherings and Energetic Healings throughout Southern California. In 2014 she led yoga events for the San Diego International Fringe Festival, San Diego Writers Ink’s Blazing Laptops, and her best friend’s wedding.


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