All The World’s a NamaStage

All The World’s a NamaStage

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You know those yoga classes where everything just jives? Everyone is connected, grounded, and no one actually moves by the official hour mark “end of class” – saturating in their savasana and stilled in meditation…Today, after one such class I was approached by one of my regular students, his face aglow and beaming he effused, Incredible. I felt like I was part of a performance piece!

Brilliant, I responded, recognizing the tingle of newly-discovered awe and self-appreciation, And you are. It’s called your life. I‘m so happy you embraced your starring role!

Truly, all the world’s a NamaStage. Are you a season subscriber to your own body production? VIP perks include:


Priority peace-bringing
Hassle-free grounding
Guaranteed strength
Convenient (and kick-ass!) circadian rhythms
Advanced clarity
Dis-count(ed) negativity
Unlimited happiness
Upgrades in flexibility (actual & esoteric)
Benefits in relationships
Exclusive movement medicine
Advanced wellness and optimized health
Behind-the-scenes anatomical savvy
Savings on frustration and self-percieved limitations
Free connection to the Divine
All-access pass to inner-sight, hindsight, and third-eye insight


This season is guaranteed to be one of monumental discoveries, unbridled joy, completely surmountable growing pains, and unbounded bliss. Who wouldn’t want to subscribe to that? Be the best patron and performer of Y-O-U. Your body is waiting, your spirit is craving, and your heart? It already knows. Call time is NOW. Curtains up!


Already giving you a standing-o (and a million x’s and o’s),



Joy beams and good juju!

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