When saying the “Right Thing” looks just like saying YOUR Thing

When saying the “Right Thing” looks just like saying YOUR Thing

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May I get real for a moment?


There are times when I find myself gridlocked by Life Moments. Dogpaddling in Adult. Floundering as I weigh the consequences of action versus the comfort of hiding under my weighted duvet.


It’s intimidating sometimes to know what or how to say or do the right thing. (Let alone saying the wrong thing and offending someone!) Today I found myself in a situation where I wanted to reach out with words of comfort, love, and empathy. And strangely I found myself scrambling to find a quote or a passage – something that could make the circumstance feel better. “C’mon Gandhi don’t let me down now! Sock it to me, Socrates!” Cheesy as it sounds, I really do adore the wisdom and poeticism of the “Greats” but I realized a recycled quote in this hour of need would somehow fall flat. That perhaps my insight, my connection, my small crumbs for this beloved friend might be enough. Just to say, “Yeah I hear you. Yes, I am with you, you are seen in this moment.”


So... I did that. Abandoning my hasty Internet sweep, I took a moment to take some deep breaths, offer a payer, and pause in reflection. Then I reached out with my own voice.


…And while my offerings might not ever be canonized or even make it on some meme, I know my heart IS big enough to hold space for the ones I love.


Simple. Honest. True: Empathy is pretty much as easy as that. Just enough to say, I’m here with you. I’ll sit here with you, and goodness, that sounds like a lot. You are *not* alone.


Did I tell you I love you today? I'm always here to build blanket forts and whenever you’re ready to come out, let's fly with blanket capes.


In Snuggles and Soaring,