Soular Flare

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:: In case of EMERGENCE please contact this woman ::
Send out your Soular flare  and I’ll be there 

For every hour of despair
The moments that ache
and feel so oh-so-alone
For the dizzying
Uncertainty and Unknowns

…the freeze-ups and the fuck-ups


For each breath of possibility
every whisper of ease and
“Just try it! Could be fun! Why not play?
What’s the harm—
if only just for one single day?”

Newly graced with
(maybe? could be? oh-me-oh-my!)
and exciteMinted with fresh permissions
Untethered and Free

Your Life [now/always/ever] Infinite-Free

So send out the call
Beacon and beckon
as you brighten
e m b o l d e n d e d

You are boundless
You are Beauty.

You, I SEE.
You, I be.

Because what I really mean to say is
I’ve been there
and I’m [still] here.
And I got you,
and I AM you.
I See You
and I LOVE you <3

Send out your Soular Flare
(It’s as easy as a prayer)
Summon your Stardust 
I promise I’ll be there.

Let’s go at together
I got you forever.
For cases of Emerge-dance
contact THIS woman 

Sometimes she’s rainbows
Other times I’m clouds
But lemme double underline
between silverlinings
as I sign my word to you
on dotted-line

No matter your heart-space
or body-place
Come find me right here,
right now
playing the game they call
Soul Space


Pssst! Come try it!
Could be fun 🙂
Wanna play?
I mean—
What’s the harm?
If only just
for one. single. day.

Remember: you are Beauty
You are boundless

<3 <3 <3

Still Loving you
Always, I Got you
Forever, I See You.


Joy beams and good juju!

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