A Prayer For Standing Rock

A Prayer For Standing Rock

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A Prayer for Standing Rock

“[Your spirit] goes all the way back to where you’re indigenous to. You have a responsibility. So that’s what our work has been, to go around the world and say: ‘You are indigenous.’ Being indigenous is having a responsibility to the earth and understanding that she’s alive, not something to conquer…she’s a source, not a resource.”

-Paula Horn, Chief Arvol Looking Horses’ partner

19th keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe and Bundle and Spiritual Leader of the Lakota Nation

There are embers glowing inside of me
Cloaked beneath coals gathering velocity
Brimming and building a flame of such ferocity
That I fear I owe this world an apology

I’ve sat too long, yielding to another’s chronology
Waiting and allowing government-made policy
Passively yielding— and inaction? Its own hypocrisy.
So now I stand here, and pledge most solemnly
With my voice, though my heart, and every action done consciously:

Mother Earth, we stand as your progeny
Unci Maka, this is our Odyssey
Sacred waters, precious land
We honor your sovereignty
Sacred waters, precious land
We will protect your geography
Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ: ALL are my relatives,
We will treat all with equality

To the East, from the West,
From the North, to the South,
Hear this our prayer, promise, and prophecy:
Now is the time to declare Truth’s luminosity
Join us and stand, Mother Earth’s
Guardians of Her grandiosity.

:: Maelyn Gandola

You have a voice. I invite you to take action. Our right to existence comes with the responsibility to protect and safe keep our precious resources and fellow inhabitants – everything in creation. Right now those very things: life-giving water, sacred lands, your fellow brothers and sisters are in danger of being destroyed, are being bullied, threatened, and harmed. Will you turn a blind eye? Or will you stand up and take action?


Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ means “all are my relatives” in the Lakota language. It is a guiding principle for living that extends to all beings.


picture c/o Shannon Brady Photography

Joy beams and good juju!

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