While your pointer was prodding, my fingers were penning

While your pointer was prodding, my fingers were penning

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Silly me.
I thought I had writer’s block
until your eyes,
those words,
your clumsy actions
traversed then trespassed
what to you was mere topography

Just you watch
as I release the true beauty of my beast
I’ll transform your craven catcall
into a primal lions roar

Stand witness and behold
We’ve only just begun

So go on,
keep staring
Linger just a moment longer
exhaust your arsenal
of two-bit-catch-‘em-quick tricks
Ignore objections—
go on unruled
Because we’ll wait
My sisters and I
We’ve got time
(—and we’ll last longer than you)

So see. sip. savor…
take in all the pretty young exhibits
But shortly now comes our time to testify

Stare up a woman’s skirt:
And she’ll stare straight back at you
Stare up a woman’s skirt
And you’ll leave with more than you arrived

Impose on me and I’ll prose about you


Your energetic invasion was my invitation for illumination. When slung slime, I throw back rhyme. Thank you for this chance encounter of Ick, in return I’d like to gift with you with something of permanence to stick. And seeded from this conviction, may together we heal this affliction.

Listen up and level up because LOVE is what’s up.
I see you.
I am you.

Joy beams and good juju!

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