Thank you for your interest in studying privately!

One-on-one or small group classes allow you to hone and develop specific areas of your practice. Whether you are seeking to strengthen your technique, obtain real-time feedback, receive more hands-on adjustments, or to rehabilitate an injury, private yoga instruction allows you to take your time on the mat to the next level. Maelyn is happy to offer the convenience of private coaching in your home, via Skype, in an outdoor setting, or a studio space.

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You were the first class I took and I liked it so much the next day I signed up for a year’s package —Nancy Kim


Maelyn is by far the BEST yoga instructor I’ve ever practiced with. Her calming voice, her relaxed yet strong energy, her dedication to maximizing your yoga experience—everything she does leaves you wanting more. I’ve never felt so relaxed or in tune with my body and mind. I wish I could bring her with me wherever I go. She is truly one of a kind —Rachele Gardner


Thank you so much for your guidance through my first yoga class. I feel so great and I’ve not felt this awesome in so many months. I feel privileged to have this experience with you. My mind, body, and soul thank you wholeheartedly —Rebecca Seo

Utthita Trikonasana - Triangle Pose Adjustment


Maelyn is a certified yoga instructor, energetic healer, and the founder of Pop-up Yoga Productions: creating concept-oriented yoga experiences. She is a mover and shaker, a full-time truth seeker, an ongoing theatre maker, and a mind-body-soul game changer. Welcome, beautiful friend!

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